PROWL: An Initiative for Tiger Conservation

Imagine going out with your friends and family. You have your food set out, you are making your own music and all of you are in talk amongst yourself. You play games, run around with the children in your family. The grass is swaying in the wind, the trees dance to the tunes you provide to them. You all decide to play hide and seek. A perfect game for the outing of your pack. Then one from your pack goes missing. You send out another to find him. He goes missing as well. It is not long before you realise that something is out of place. By sunset, you realise that the poachers, the hunters are here. You need to save the rest of your clan for your species to survive. Still distraught over the loss of two of your members, you flee with the rest.

That is how it feels when an animal becomes endangered.

Tiger Conservation
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Hans Dalal and PROWL

Revolving around this idea, Hans Dalal with his wife, Avantika, who is equally passionate about wildlife and its conservation, founded PROWL. PROWL is a non-profit organisation that aims to start an initiative and encourage participation in the conservation and an overall improvement in the quality of wildlife and forested areas across India. With the help of the Forest Department, the NGO creates awareness and works towards the preservation of local Flora and Fauna.

Tiger Conservation

Hans Dalal is a man of action who was born with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is an incurable neurological disorder that affects 2 out of 1000 children. The symptoms of this disease vary from an individual to another and the condition can be amended only by physical and occupational therapies.  His mother and doctors were instrumental in helping him lead a relatively normal life. Deaf to his pleas to stop, his mother trained the 7-year-old child to walk and talk without any help.

Trekking his way over disability

While he did struggle with basic tasks like pressing buttons, writing, typing and on occasion speaking, Dalal does not remember his school life as a tussle. His love for trekking developed as his uncle accompanied him to trips along the Himalayas. While still being accompanied, he continues to pursue this passion while developing his own NGO.

Tiger Conservation
Source: DNA India

Dalal holds a sound engineering degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He followed this degree with a seven-year affair with music. In 2007 he switched gears when he spotted his first tiger at Kanha at a tiger tracking programme. He joined the research with Tiger Watch, an NGO established by former Ranthambore Field Director Fateh Singh Rathore. This gave him the opportunity to work as Community Conservation Officer in the national park.

Action speaks louder than words

Although his condition slows down his gait, and his hands do shiver while taking photographs, his photography speaks in different levels altogether. He now leads photography tours for On the Prowl, an initiative launched as part of PROWL.

Tiger conservation

Dalal has also spoken at a reputed platform like TEDx Gateway about his life and work.

At the moment, he is getting ready to trek to Sunderbans. In this new initiative, he will equip 200 forest guards with first-aid supplies and train them on its usage. He gained his funds with donations worth Rs 1.5 lakh raised within a month through his Facebook page.

PROWL for Tiger Conservation

PROWL’s latest campaign for tiger conservation was kickstarted with a video where Randeep Hooda endorsed their efforts. Here’s the video for you to see-

His NGO has gained support from various celebrities like Randeep Hooda,


and Twitter Influencers like Captain Raghu Raman, Amit Panchal, and Manish Pandey,


Your work and efforts will speak for you. Your work is always louder than your voice.

A humane example of these words, Hans Dalal continues to reach towards greater heights.


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Edited by Preetika Dubey

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