Lilly Singh: When Superwoman Battled Depression

What’s up, everyone? It’s your girl Superwoman. Lilly Singh, Sector 17, Chandigarh! Remember the brown girl conquering youtube? Her channel gathered 12 million subscribers and ranked 3rd on the Forbes list of the highest paid youtube star in the world. Additionally, she ranked 1st in the 2017 Forbes top influencers list in the entertainment category.  Further, along with being an amazing YouTuber, she is also an actress, author, motivational speaker, rapper, vlogger, dancer and of course, a comedian. She really is a superwoman! What else is left for her to do in the entertainment business?

Lilly Singh
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Lilly Singh, born on 28 September 1988, was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Her parents are essentially from Punjab, which is why she was raised as a Sikh. While growing up, she was a big tomboy. She loved wearing baggy clothes and wrestling, therefore, she never appreciated anything girly. From a very small age, her dream was to be a famous celebrity, a rapper or an actress.

Lilly Singh
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She lost her desire to live

In the third year of her university, she ran into some issues with few of her friends which affected her a lot. Additionally, along with a few bottled up memories from her childhood, it all started haunting her and she felt as if her entire life has collapsed. With time, she fell into the realm of severe depression which made her lose her appetite and the desire to wake up in the morning.

Lily started cutting people off from her life. She isolated herself and lost a lot of friends, she had no goal, no aspiration, or motivation in life.

Lilly Singh
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In a single phrase, she lost herself. A vibrant girl who once had big dreams, a bag full of motivation, now had no desire to live. She was not open about it in the beginning and it was scary for her. She felt uncomfortable and nervous around people and it lasted for about a whole year.

Road to recovery

One fine day, something snapped within her. She woke up and decided, that she will not continue to live like this. She didn’t want to be this sad, isolated person anymore. So over the next year, she forced herself to get her life together. It was not at all easy for her. She relapsed into depression time and again. But then gradually, she started opening up about her feelings, what she was going through and how she felt. This helped her forming many healthy relationships and most importantly, she started loving herself.

“One night I was a complete mess and now up until this night, I thought that the mind and body were two separate things that function completely separate from each other. I learned this the hard way that this fact is not true.”

While on recovery, she found a passion that she thought of following professionally. She took to making videos for youtube seriously. She wanted to be the reason for someone’s bad day turning good. Her thought was, if she could put a smile on someone’s face, all her efforts will be worth it.

Since that day she has been on this youtube journey and is now a UNICEF ambassador. She does what she loves, makes people smile and meets amazing people all around the world.


Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to be weak in order to grow stronger. Believe in yourself, because bad days are not forever.

Lilly turned her bad days into good ones. She made a decision for herself and it changed her. Right now, she is what she wanted to be as a child. She is living her dream.

Lilly Singh
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She made a documentary ‘A trip to Unicorn Island‘ which got released in February 2016. Lily also made a few rapping videos of her own and uploaded them on youtube. She frequently collaborates with Humble the Poet on rap videos as well. She also went on to write a book “How to be Bawse”, which was the #1 New York Bestseller.

“It became my goal to take all the pains of depression and transform those pain into lessons and tools I could use to better my life.”
– Lily Singh

Lilly Singh
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