People suffering from Aphasia and their struggles

Communication is the key to every relationship. But imagine a life without words. Imagine that you are not able to speak what you think. Further, imagine what if you also lost your ability to understand what others are saying? What if you can’t read or write ever in your life? Scary isn’t it? Think how hard will your life be, if you won’t be able to express yourself. How are you going communicate or how will you tell others how you feel or what you want? We can’t even imagine living like this, can we? The fact of the matter is people live with such a condition; Aphasia exists.

Aphasia affects your communication skills adversely. Millions of people are suffering from it worldwide.

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How can you help with Aphasia Awareness

Find new ways to communicate with a person with Aphasia. Support them and help them become an independent person. Usually, a speech and language therapy is recommended by professionals. Additionally, there are many other treatments that are available which may help improve the condition.

But that is what professionals can do. What you can do is support them, help them become an independent person and make others aware of it, so that it is not awkward or difficult for them to adjust.Teach them the techniques they can use to communicate. There is nothing more important than human connection and support.

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Teach others who are in close connection with them to be patient and understanding.

Also, this causes a life altering effect on both the survivor and the family. So, be empathetic, try and include them in every conversation possible. Tell them about the topic of the discussion and use gestures so they understand what you are talking about. Ask them about their opinion in the middle of the conversation by simple answers of yes or no. Furthermore, practice the conversation in quiet, distraction free environment.

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Language is an essential part of our lives, that we often take for granted. We cannot even imagine a day when we don’t speak, read or write. Most of us won’t even be able to imagine a life of a person suffering from aphasia.

It’s like when your brain holds your words a hostage and no matter how hard you try to let them out, you just can’t.

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But the biggest problem here is people not being aware of what Aphasia is.

Almost 84.5% of people have never heard of it and only 8.8% recognise it as a language disorder.

The situation is very bad and we need everyone to be more aware and educated about the problem which almost millions of people are facing. This will not only make life better for the survivor but also for those around them.

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