Making World more Inclusive: Fashion for Disability

Who doesn’t want to look good? We all do, right? Wearing a trendy or fashionable outfit makes you feel good. Something as simple as how you dress could affect your self-confidence. Think of how the world could be more inclusive if brands took it upon them to create Fashion for Disability! Guess what, there are brands and designers who have set the ball rolling in this very direction.

Source: Consumerist

Style and comfort

As the fashion industry has flourished so much, there is a whole lot of options for every individual, no matter what body type or shape. There are almost millions of people who are disabled in some way or the other. It’s not just the bigger struggles, but also, imagine them struggling to get the right clothes that suit their special needs. Additionally, looking for a sense of style that makes them look good and most importantly, won’t restrict their movement.

Brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Nike have made efforts by designing new lines of clothing or by making few changes in their footwear collections. Apart from them, there are only a few companies which are taking the initiative of making clothes for the disabled.

Brands like Buck and Buck and Silvert’s which provide adaptive clothing for disabled men and women also enable online shopping!

A fashion show in Rwanda. (Featured on YouTube)

Fashion shows become more Disability-friendly

We all have seen those tall, beautiful models with perfect skin, hair and body. But are we all like that? No. We are all different in shapes, sizes and features. So why should only people with the perfect body walk the ramp for big brands?

First of all, we need to break the societal perception that if someone is disabled, fashion should not matter for them as much as function.

Yes, functioning is important but what’s wrong in looking good and wearing fashionable clothes?

There are a few brands which are organising fashion shows for the people who are disabled. Further, they also work with the real life disabled models.

In NY fashion week, FTL Moda and AW15 shows, models took to the ramps in wheelchairs. They also had the world’s first amputee to hit the runway.
The show featured international designers and disabled models from all over the world.


NYFW, Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The show producer said that they wanted to show that,

Disability is just a mental state, by inviting disabled models onto the runway next to some of the best models on the screen, fashion industry is becoming more open.

However, the clothes which are displayed on the runway are only used by few people on a regular basis, as it is not suitable for all.


Everyone has a right to look beautiful. Moreover, they should have a choice to wear clothes which are comfortable and suits you. Having a disability or special needs must never restrict you from wearing comfortable and fashionable clothes.

Source: Huffington Post

I personally feel that more and more brands should come up with the line of special clothes for special people. So they get what they want. However, don’t you think they should get excited about buying new clothes and not think of it as a struggle?

“The irony is –  we have clothing for pets, but we don’t dedicate any retail real estate for people with disabilities and seated body types.”


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